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Customising your Title Tags

Title tags are used throughout your Showcase, as page titles, section titles, et cetera. Title tags are supposed to be nested properly, so your site content is well optimized for search engines.

H1 titles are the highest level, and general only have one per page, with sub-headings as H2, all the way to H6 which is the lowest in hierarchy.

To customise your title tags, log in and navigate to Showcase Options Title Tags, or

For each title tag, there are eight options for you:

  1. Font Family - the font type, powered by Google Fonts
  2. Font Size - the font size is the vertical height of the characters in pixels
  3. Font Weight - the thickness of the font, do note the weights are dependent on the font family and some may not have any change
  4. Letter Spacing - the spacing in pixels between each individual characters
  5. Font Colour - this sets the colour of the title tag
  6. Text Transform - sets whether the title tag will be in all uppercase, lowercase, etc.
  7. Margin Top - the amount of spacing between the title tag, and the element before it
  8. Margin Bottom - the amount of spacing between the title tag, and the element after it

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