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Customising your General Page Elements

Generally on all pages, you may set a universal theme that will remain consistent.

To customise your universal theme, log in and navigate to Showcase Options Body, or

There are two main sections here which you may customise:

  1. Background
  2. General Text

Customising your Background

Your background will most significantly affect the general look of your pages. There are five options here:

  1. Background Image - you may upload a background image here
  2. Background Colour - sets the background colour for the pages
  3. Background Image Size - which you may choose how it's displayed if the image is too large for the area, or too small
  4. Background Image Repeat - this determines if the image is tiled or not, and the direction which it is
  5. Background Image Position - this determines the starting point from which the image is displayed

Customising your Body Text

The body text options will affect the general text content on your entire site. There are eight options here:

  1. Font Family - the font type, powered by Google Fonts
  2. Font Size - the font size is the vertical height of the characters in pixels
  3. Font Weight - the thickness of the font, do note the weights are dependent on the font family and some may not have any change
  4. Line Height - this determines the amount of space above and below the text, relative to the size of the font
  5. Font Colour - this sets the colour of the text
  6. Hyperlink Colour - this sets the colour of clickable hyperlinks
  7. Hyperlink Hover Colour - this sets the colour of clickable hyperlinks when viewer's cursor is hovering over it
  8. Bold Text Colour - this sets the colour of texts that are in bold

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