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Advanced Customisations

In your Showcase, you are able to customise it further using your own CSS rules, and JS scripts.

To make advanced customisations, log in and navigate to Showcase Options Advanced, or

Custom CSS

Your Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) rules will be in the form of an inline style sheet in the header of your site. The body tag of every page on your site, dynamically created or not will have a unique class name for you to target. The rules will be within the already existent STYLE tag on the head of your html, so you may simply start declaring the rules.

To learn more about CSS, you may check out the CSS Tutorial at W3Schools.

Custom JS

Your JavaScript (JS) scripts will be at the foot of every page of your site, so do take caution when using scripts that are only specific to a certain page. Unless it's a script that will be universal to all pages, we recommend a .hasClass() check on the body before running each script. Encapsulating with a SCRIPT tag is not required.

To learn more about JS, you may check out the JS Tutorial at W3Schools.


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